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A narrative essay belongs to a type of expository writing, where the writer is supposed to go deep into his/her experiences, past events, etc. For sure, everyone can share some pleasant events or challenges that made their life completely different. It means that there can be a great deal of topics for narrative writing, you should simply think about the most vivid events from your life. At the same time, do not spend too much time on prewriting. The first topic which appears in your mind is usually the most interesting one.

Imagine as if you are writing a story while working on a narrative essay. If you check a narrative essay example, you will see that all of them are written from a personal point of view because the author should try to make the reader face the same situation. The goal of the writer is to stir reader’s imagination and emotions. In order to reach this effect, there should be proper attention to the choice of vocabulary. Words should be precise and vivid. Though narrative essays are based on one’s subjective point of view, there is a need to present a specific opening sentence that will give readers a chance to comprehend what the paper will discuss.

There are many narrative essay topics and you can see that all of them are shaped around a story. While writing a narrative paper, you should use all the common techniques needed for storytelling. There must be a plot in your paper, setting, characters, cliff-hanger, and ending. In order to make the story interesting, you should properly explain the sequence of events and all the key details.

Here are the key features of narrative essays:

  • Are written from a writer’s point of view
  • Include many sensory details
  • Can include dialogues and direct speech
  • Use vivid vocabulary
  • Entail many interesting details.

While writing a narrative essay, one of the purposes can be to describe something. When students hear that they should write a narrative paper, they think that it is the same as informative writing, which is not true. In comparison with other types of essays, here you have to show your creativity because if you are not able to engage the reader in your discussion, you fail the task. Apart from a simple narrative paper, your teacher may ask you to write a narrative report. It is similar to a common book report, with some slight changes. In your narrative report, you should describe what happened in the book, discuss the plot, outline the major characters, etc.

If you do not know how to start a narrative essay, find paper help on the web to guide you in writing. Narrative papers should be based not only on the discussion of the events in a logical order but also on a “higher meaning,” presuming what those events mean for you. Do they cover love? Societal issues? Family relations?

Follow easy writing steps in your narrative essay:

  • Do everything possible to engage readers in the story. The more interesting and funny plot you create, the better.
  • Write the general statement of the whole paper (a thesis statement). Readers should know what your purpose of writing is. However, be specific. Do not be too general. If you cover the problem of children interaction with parents, do not try to describe every US family.
  • Be careful with the choice of examples. Do not beat around the bush and describe events that directly relate to your topic. Going off the track will prove your incompetence in writing.